Gifts for a DIY Fan



Roses are red. Violets are blue. Your loved one likes DIY. What do you do?


Well, the obvious answer is to give gifts that help them get that sort of thing done. Whether they are the sort that likes to do their home maintenance work or makes a living as part of the crew of the handyman Perth, there are some great gift ideas to be found.


One great gift is a self-adjusting wrench.


Wrenches are a staple in any handyman’s toolbox. Some designs can be adjusted to fit the situation or need, and they’re great. Sometimes, though, taking the time to make those adjustments can be time taken away from addressing an immediate issue.


Give a self-adjusting wrench and take away that problem. At the press of a button, these beauties can adjust themselves, eliminating the need to do it manually. It takes a little getting used to, but it works so well that it’s a near-perfect gift.


If the DIY involves some gardening, give the EasyBloom Plant Sensor as a gift.


It’s an excellent tool, which also happens to be shaped reminiscent of a flower. The top part senses sunlight, temperature, and even humidity. You can plug it into a computer through USB to review the data, which is a great feature. The bottom can plug into the ground and reads the soil.


The tool is designed to help monitor the landscape and environment, so you can get a better idea of how things are going. The stand-alone unit also has a stand, if you plan to use it indoors.


A multi-purpose tool is a good idea, and not necessarily a classic multi-tool. Though those are good, too.


More and more, perhaps thanks to the flexibility of the smartphone, we value equipment that can do more than one thing. While there’s still room for “specialist” tools, it’s nice to have one device that handles multiple tasks. Consider the average hammer, which also includes a tool that can pull out hammers.


I recommend a monster of a wrecking machine. It has a nail puller and tile ripper. One side of the head is a great hammer, but the other functions as a demolition axe. In other words, it’s an excellent tool for the demolition work that tends to happen before a renovation.


It’s ideal for small scale, though. For bigger-scale things, like tearing down a cement wall is best done with a proper sledgehammer.