Chocolate Day 2017 SMS – Best Messages for Chocolate Day 2017

Messages for Chocolate Day 2017. Valentine’s day is not a one-day celebration. Lovers celebrate the whole week as a valentine’s day. Here we bring you a collection of best messages and quotes for Chocolate Day 2017.Chocolate Day is the third day of the Valentine’s Week. And it has its own importance in the love week. Most of the girls loves chocolate and on this day you can easily find a hell lot of varieties of chocolates in the market. Some people give the most expensive chocolate to their crush and some stick with basic one. Well frankly speaking it doesn’t matter how expensive is your chocolate. Its all about how much love you are giving with it. Everyone cannot give chocolates at 12 o’clock. But wait you can send a cute chocolate day sms or message at 12 o’ clock easily. And it will make some very good impression on your soul mate mind.Choose the best sms from the great collection of chocolate day.

Many people cannot express their feeling in face to face chat. So if you one of them and you want to express your love to your crush then you can send a lovely chocolate day sms to him/her. This will make a big impact straight on her heart and she will desperately fall in love with you.

Best Messages for Chocolate Day 2017

This is a chocolate message,

For a dairy milk person,

From a five star friend,

For a melody reason,

And a kitkat time,

On a munch day,

In a perk mood to say,

Happy Chocolate Day


Silk – i miss u

💟 Perk – use & throw

💟 5 Star – i like talking wit u

💟 Munch – i like your attitude

💟 Gems – ur cute

💟 Dairy milk – i love u.

💟 Bournville – u r dashing

💟 Nutties – ur naughty

💟 Fruit n nut – cool and sexy

💟 Temptations- u r smart

💟 Milky bar – no 1 can replace u

💟 Crunch – u r my crush

💟 Kitkat – best lover

First reply me 👍

Love is like a chewing gum,

it tastes only in the beginning!

But friendship is like chocolate,

it tastes till it ends!’

Happy Chocolate Day to my sweet heart.

far or near

u r my dear

young or old

u r my gold

east or west

u r the best

start or end

u r my chocolaty friend…

happy chocolate day…………..