Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Valentines Day Poems for Him and Her 2017

Happy Valentines Day Poems for Him and Her 2017 : check valentines day poems for her and him 2017 and latest valentine day poems for him and her .Nothing can be as beautiful and effective as poem when it comes to expressing your feeling. As it is rhythmic piece of writing which includes your feeling in a way which does not only a sound good but,they also make the other person to feel the intentions with which it has been written. Valentine’s Day is the day of love and for lovers; this is amongst all those special days which years bring for us. Although it is not necessary to express your love on this day but because of the history which is associated with Valentine’s Day makes it special for every couple to celebrate. Some people take this day and week as an opportunity to express their love and feelings, and they every possible good thing and idea that can make this day special for them and for their valentine. Amongst all the approaches, usage of poems on Valentine’s Day is also very common. Many people come up with their own piece of writing and some prefer to go with the ones that are made available for them.

Valentine’s Day Poems for Him and Her 2017 

 I don't mind the hearaches, i don't mind the pain,
cause its the summer of love, even though its not May.

I don't mind waiting for you for hours in the rain,
Cause true love will surely finds its way.

You may be scores of miles away from me,
but you live always forever in my heart.
Your voice is sweet as honey that makes me so happy.
Baby.....blue days are over its time for new start.

I'll come upto your door every Sunday morning,
with my gifts of roses and diamond rings.
And then you will hear the sweet birds calling,
All the worlds happiness i shall bring at your feet.

Am sitting in my room and writing this letter,
even though you know that i love you so true.
For there ain't anybody who can make me feel.

This year search for the best Valentine’s Day Poems for Him and Her 2017, with the help of internet. Internet is a hub of poems, for every kind of relation and the options are countless. The variety is provided so that the user i.e. you will not face any difficulty in getting what you want, so they are just a click away from you. If you want a Valentine’s Day for him i.e. your boyfriend or husband then also you have pretty good number of options and if you want something for her i.e. either your girlfriend or wife then too options are countless. All you need to do is a bit of search.


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