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Funny Anti Valentines day 2017 Quotes, Sayings, Poems for Singles

funny Anti valentines day 2017 Quotes and Poems for Single friends, boys, Girls. Also Funny anti valentines day Quotes, Messages, Sayings, Jokes, Images for ex send on Whatsapp, fb.

anti valentines day sayings 2017:Not getting enough love on this Valentines day Or have you recently broke-up with your ex? No matter whatever the reason is, here is something for those who love anti valentines day quotes and sayings. This day is just like a dream day for those people who are deeply in love with someone. But one the other hand there are also some people who get broke up with his or her girlfriend. Everyone can share their soul thoughts. Believe me you will feel a bit better when you fill your fb or twitter profile with some of best anti valentines day quotes.so here we share Latest Collection of Anti valentines day Quotes 2017 for Singles or even you can get Anti Valentines day Sayings and Status for Whatsapp and Facebook Wall for free of Cost.
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 When I was completing my graduation. I fell in love with one girl. We had some close relations but in less than 7 months we broke up. And she is now girlfriend of my best friend. Lolz I know its damn funny.so checkout Funny Anti Valentines day Quotes here. But its not for those who broke up with their relationship recently. Valentine’s day may come out as the most painful day for those people.

In early days people used to write diaries to remove the burden from their mind. You can also do that. Yup it’s a bit old fashion. But believe me you will feel awesome while writing some Anti Valentines day Poems and Images 2017 which you can share with your Family, brother, Cousins, relatives and make them aware from the Consequence of Falling in Love.

Anti Valentines Day Quotes

People used to wait for valentine’s day to propose their girlfriends. Seriously? I mean, really I cannot understand how people just wait for some simple day to propose their girlfriends. I mean every day is quite same. We can show our love any day.
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Do you have the same thoughts about valentine’s day?
Then certainly either you didn’t find your true love or you had a break up with your girlfriend.


Anyways whatever. Let’s try to do something funny on this day. I will post two types of Anti Valentine’s day quotes.

1)    Normal Anti Valentine’s day quotes
2)    Funny Anti Valentine’s day quotes

Let’s do some serious thing first. So first I will post Normal Valentine’s day quotes. After that we will end by some Funny Anti Valentine’s day quotes.Previously, we covered a small but subtle short Valentine’s day poems over here.

Funny Anti Valentine day Sayings

  • Happy unimaginative, consumerist-oriented and entirely arbitrary manipulative and shallow interpretation of romance day. – Unknown
  • Liking someone doesn't mean you have to be lovers, sometimes you just have to be good friends.
  • Just remember being alone on Valentine’s day is no different than any other day of your life.
  • Love is just love, it can never be explained.
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Anti Valentines Day Images, Pics for Whatsapp

  • I am not yours, you’re not mine. Be my anti valentine.
  • My love for you is beyond words. So don’t expect a valentine’s day card from me.
  • Don’t forget to leave work early today so that people actually think you have Valentine’s day plans.
  • Each time my heart is broken it makes me feel more adventurous.

I hope you liked our a bit emotional article on anti Valentines day Jokes and Funny Messages, Quotes .Would you like to send us your favourite anti valentine day quotes If you want to share your thoughts on this then do comment below we will feature your quotes here.


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