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20*+ Short Valentines Day Poems 2017 | Short Valentine Poems

Short Poems for Valentine’s Day :- Valentine’s day is one of the most awaited day for all love birds around the world. It is celebrated on 14th February. Love is something like a cold slow air which can be felt but we can’t see it. Everyone in this world has some kind attraction with someone. It is quite common that people generally hesitate to express their feeling in front of someone else. So for those people Valentine’s day 2017. would be perfect to express their heartiest feelings in front their love. On this day if you proposing to someone special then you should read this post to get some ideas on How to propose on Valentine’s Day 2017?
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Short Valentines Day Poems 2016

Few years back there was trend that people generally express their feeling by writing it on a paper. Well, till now many people use this trick and it worked for them too. So on this Valentines day you can propose your girlfriend by writing Short Valentines day poems for her.

Valentine’s Day Poems and Card 2017

Would you like to see the poem written by me? This very short Valentine’s day poem is based on the “love” theme.

Love is filled with lots of things,
that make it all worthwhile,
But none is better than the love,
found in your little smile

If you are thinking that this is an old school method then believe me you are taking this very lightly. Someone has rightly said that “The pen is the tongue of mind.” Well while writing, it doesn't matter whether it sounds good or not. Just write with all your feelings. After reading it your girlfriend will fall in love with you heartily, deeply and madly.

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Right now If you are a good friend of your crush and on this Valentine if you are planning to propose her then below short Valentine’s day poems will work perfectly.

When i think
about love and friendship
When i think
about warmth and loyalty
When i think
about all those beautiful things
i think about you.!!


Everybody knows “Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die at old age, but they die young.” Love never see the age. So if you are a married couple then you can also celebrate this day by making better feel something special. Remember never try to weigh happiness with money. Even if you write a crumbled short valentines day poem by your heart then it will also work.

If you are a married couple then you can surprise your better half with below sweet short Valentine poem.

I don't mind the hearaches, i don't mind the pain,
cause its the summer of love, even though its not May.

I don't mind waiting for you for hours in the rain,
Cause true love will surely finds its way.

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You may be scores of miles away from me,
but you live always forever in my heart.
Your voice is sweet as honey that makes me so happy.
Baby.....blue days are over its time for new start.

I'll come upto your door every Sunday morning,
with my gifts of roses and diamond rings.
And then you will hear the sweet birds calling,
All the worlds happiness i shall bring at your feet.

Am sitting in my room and writing this letter,
even though you know that i love you so true.
For there ain't anybody who can make me feel.


I Hope you will like my short Valentine’s day poems for her or him. So what are you waiting for just purchase a sweet Valentines Day card and hand over a lovely poem to your soul-mate.

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In case, if you want us to provide more Valentine’s day card then do let us know via the comment section below. We will make a special card for you and send it your way instantly.


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